Market Harborough Photographic Society


This Market Harborough Photographic Society site has been developed with the help and sponsorship of Websites For Photographers. They have supported us in the design and build of the site and we are grateful for their help. They are able to do this for individuals, or groups, guiding you through the stages of development.. 


The objectives of the Society are to foster, and promote a greater interest in photography as a hobby. and to assist members to improve their photographic skills and knowledge. These objectives are achieved through practical and social meetings, with lectures, demonstrations and competitions.

Our members use both digital and  conventional film cameras to produce either trade processed prints (colour and monochrome), or self processed colour or monochrome prints. Our members also produce electronic images, DPIs, which are screen projected in competitions or at members evenings.  If you don't have the capability to produce your own printed images, then  don't worry as the Small Print competition is an ideal event to put your trade processed 6 x 4 or 7 x 5 prints into - so you can join in with the minimum of effort and expense.

The competitions, consisting of the Small Print Competition and the Print and DPI Competition, run throughout the season (5 heats of each), and are set to follow  particular themes, set at the start of our season in September. These competitions, even if you don't enter yourself, give you the opportunity to hear constructive criticism (and praise!) from an independent judge, of the images submitted, and can help you to improve your skills. 
We also submit entries to external competitions during the year, with the aim of comparing our work with other clubs, which again helps our members to develop their skills and abilities.

There is also an annual exhibition of members photographs, where we show off our work to the public, this is staged in the town centre, at St Dionysius Church, in  October