Programme of Events


 Annual Programme 2017-2018.

Meetings are held on Tuesdays, 7:30pm - 9:30pm during term time at Welland Park Academy, Market Harborough,LE16 9DR. In 'Room B11. (on 1st Floor).(Parking at rear of Academy)

Annual Subscription £25.

Students (those that own an NUS card or equivalent)-Free.

There is a charge of £3 per speaker meeting for non-members.

September 2017.

  5th          Registration and Small Print Comp Heat1 - Open'
12th          Photo Shoot (starting at 7pm) (Barrowden)
19th         'The Battery Rules'   Speaker - Ian Clowes, specialist & commercial photographer.
22nd        Committee Meeting
26th         Judging P&PI Ht 1 - 'Open'       Judge - Graham Heywood.

October 2017.

3rd          3 Way Battle v Lutterworth and Fosse (HOME)   Judge - Stan Stubbs.
10th        Travel Photography. Speaker - Simon Watkinson.
13th        The Fosse Challenge.   (This is an External Comp at Fosse on a Friday)
13th to19th  Annual Exhibition St Dionysius Church
19th        (Thurs) Exhibition Evening/Social Event. (St Dionysius Church)
24th        The Sept Photo Shoot Critique Evening
31st        Small Print Comp Heat 2 - 'Open'

November 2017.

7th          Night Shoot (starting at 7pm) (Great Bowden)
10th       Committee Meeting
14th       Judging P&PI Heat 2 - 'Open' Judge - Malcolm Cook.
21st        'Drones and Other Things'  Speaker - Peter Alvey.
28th       The Do's and Dont's for Panel Competitions. Speaker - Hazel Manning.

December 2017.

5th          November Night Shoot Critique
12th        Social Evening.

January 2018

9th           Small Print Comp Heat 3 - 'Village Life'
16th         'Monochrome My Way'  Speaker -Ann Miles.
19th         Committee Meeting
23rd        Judging P& PI Heat 3 - 'Rust and Decay'  Judge - John Lewis.
30th         'Underwater Photography' Speaker - Jack Perks.

February 2018.

6th          Small Print Comp Heat 4 - 'Open'
14th       Wednesday  Battle v Dunchurch (AWAY) .
20th        Photo Commentary Night
27th       Judging P&PI Heat 4 - 'Monochrome' .Judge - Keith Long.

March 2018.

6th         Social Documentary Photography  Speaker - Chris Upton.
14th       Wednesday!   Battle v Corby (AWAY)
20th       Small Print Comp Heat 5 - 'Open'
23rd      Committee Meeting
27th       'A Guide to Buying New Photography Equipment'  Speaker - Jessops.

April 2018. 

3rd        Judging P&PI Heat 5 - 'Open'   Judge- Steve Dormer In the Congregational Church Hall, Bowden Lane.
10th      Judging Monochrome Competition..


May 2018.

1st        'Inward Looking for Fun' Jo Edwards & Alan Parker.
8th        Small Print Competition Heat 6, 'Livestock'
11th      Committee Meeting
15th      'Smart Phone Photography', Speaker - Malcolm Sales.

22rd     Judging P&PI Heat 6 - 'Waterscape', Judge - Sue Hutton.
29th      'Print with Confidence'.  Speaker - Permajet.


June 2018.
5th        Panel Competition.  Judge - Hazel Manning.
12th      AGM and Awards Presentation
19th      Photo Shoot (Starting time 1900) Lyddington Village green.